Lion Tries To Eat Baby Through Glass Wall At Zoo

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Jpbsmama and the family were visiting the Portland, Oregon zoo when they went to see the lion exhibit. Baby Jack was just coincidentally wearing zebra stripes, and when he sat next to the glass, Kya the lioness went crazy trying to catch an unreachable dinner. The video is featured on HaveYouSeenThis, HyperVocal, and TheDailyWhat.    Read more:


Pallas’ Cat vs Camera (Video)

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A pallas’ cat inspects a camera, things go from funny to kinda creepy pretty fast… Video found via Youtube search after seeing this animated GIF. Read more:


Nellie The Sea Otter Talks

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Remember Nellie, the cup stacking otter who went viral just last week? Well the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium resident has other talents as well. She can even ‘talk.’ How you define ‘talking’ is another issue, but still; cute! The video is covered on DailyOfTheDay, NOWmsn, Bunnyfood, and TO.   Read more:


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