Truck Drifting On Icy Road

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This short clip by SiRoald was posted online in 2010, but is trending again after appearing on sites such as DailyPicks and Devour.  While driving on icy roads, one truck driver took the opportunity to show off and pull an epic drift directly into the loading garage without a hitch.     Read more:


Rowdy Mob Of University Of Oregon Students Led By Football Players Swarm And Pelt Cars With Snowballs, Even Throw Snow In Professor’s Face

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This video by the Daily Emerald has instantly gone viral. After a rare snowfall in Willamette Valley, a group of University of Oregon football players organized a snowball fight which quickly got out of hand. A mob of students ended up stopping a few cars and pelted them with snow, even going so far to cover the […]


How To Build a Rainbow Igloo Using Milk Cartons

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Some future mothers-in-law get pretty creative when it comes to testing their daughter’s boyfriends: a New Zealander Daniel Gray came to visit his girlfriend’s family in Canada for the holidays and was asked to build a rainbow igloo in the backyard. The igloo was built out of almost 500 ice bricks that were made by […]


‘Would You Kiss Me If It Started Snowing’ In Arizona Prank

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Last Christmas season, YouTube prankster Stuart Edge exploded online with his mistletoe prank where he had his wingmen lower a mistletoe over him and his interview subjects, and then asked for a kiss.  That video now stands with over 24 million views! For the much anticipated sequel, he and his buddies traveled to Arizona State during a […]


Penguin Highway in Antarctica

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Melissa Brennan had the amazing opportunity to travel across all seven continents, including frigid Antarctica. While on the icy continent she set up her GoPro camera by a ‘penguin highway,’ and recorded the interesting example of organized nature.  She uploaded her video a month ago, but it has only gone viralviral now, appearing on SayOMG, VideoSift, DailyOfTheDay, and […]


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