How to turn water into wine in your own kitchen

EDIT: As of 21.50 UTC it has come to my attention that this kickstarter is a hoax, designed to promote a water charity. This is entirely our mistake, and I apologize unreservedly. I will be leaving the article unedited, but please be aware that it is not true. – Elise     Behold! Water turned […]


Uh Oh: Wine ‘Mouth Spray’ Lets You Get A Secret Fix Anywhere, Anytime (Photos)

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Drinking on the job is, sadly, looked down upon in most offices, despite the fact that a (boozy) midday pick-me-up would probably improve most employees’ morale. Well, one company based out of Vilnius, Lithuania, figuratively said “to hell with the rules!” and created an ingenious product that lets users discreetly get their necessary dose of […]


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