Russian Lawmaker Wants To Inseminate Women With Putin’s Sperm

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Getty Images A female Russian politician proposed inseminating Russian women with the sperm of President Vladimir Putin to create a generation of patriots. Daily Mail reports that Yelena Borisovna Mizulina, the chairwoman of parliamentary commission on women’s affairs, children and family, made the suggestion about fertility at a meeting with Russia’s lower house of legislators. Financial gifts […]


What If World Leaders Were Artists?

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Powerful political leaders, be they pragmatic, heroic statesmen or abominable villains, have left permanent marks on the history of mankind. The demands of their roles leave little time for leisure, much less for focused, creative endeavors. But what happens when these leaders take a break from painting human history to paint on a canvas? [Read […]


Australian PM Says He Will Perform Violent Football Move On Putin

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The Prime Minister of Australia has promised to confront Russian president Vladimir Putin for his role in the tragedy of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Prime Minister Tony Abbot told reporters early Monday that, even though Putin did not want to kill 298 innocent people, he needs to allow an […]


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