10 Countries That Have Blocked YouTube

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Imagine life without your beloved YouTube. Unfortunately for people in some countries, this scary scenario is an everyday reality. YouTube fun fact channel Alltime10’s gives us an in-depth look at 10 countries that have prevented their citizens from accessing the video site. Countries have blocked the website for a variety of reasons, ranging from protecting […]


SHARK JUMPED: ‘Glee’ Covers Gangnam Style

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Picking up considerable virility on the Internet is this segment of Glee, latching onto “Gangnam Style,” the biggest hit YouTube has ever known. On Glee’s week-late “Thanksgiving” show, this hyper-produced version of “Gangnam Style” happened, with lots of well-tuned singing and wooden dancing. Ouch. Does this mean “Gangnam Style” has run its course? Has the […]


Much Doge on Vine. So Wow.

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Wow. Such Vine. So star. If you love Doge and want to see him in action, you’re in luck because the Internet star is now dominating Vine. Kabosu the Shiba Inu has already starred in a steady stream of Vine videos from owner Atsuko Sato since joining the platform early this year. Kabosu shares the […]


‘World’s Best Father’ Turns to Kickstarter to Fund Calendar

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We’ll go ahead and spoil it. Dave Engledow might not be the World’s Best Father. But we’re pretty sure he’s in the running for the World’s Most Creative Father. Everything started in 2010, when his daughter Alice Bee was born. Dave started painstakingly documenting her life from behind his camera lens, confident that one day […]


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