That One Time A CEO Said Something So Profoundly Awful And Dumb That We Had To Fact-Check His Face

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AIG CEO Bob Benmosche had something to say about people being mad at him for getting a huge bonus. So we fact-checked him for you. You are welcome. If you’d like to learn more about the actual history of lynchings and hate crimes in America, we thought it might be useful to check out the […]


I Don't Care About Voter Fraud. And Neither Should You. Here's Why.

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Voter fraud is pretty much a myth, a legend, a boogie man that scared people tell their children about at bedtime. Sources: Mother Jones,The Democratic Party, DMV Answers, Talking Points Memo. Let people know that voter fraud is a fraud, but clicking the share buttons below. Read more:


DEMOCRACY KILLER: Visual Representation Of How Much Election Spending Has Increased Since 1996

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Since the 1996 presidential election, special interest money has increased 129-fold. At this rate, imagine how big the circle for 2016 could be. It looks like democracy is for sale, and lobbyists are definitely buying. What do you think? Is reform necessary or is this just the way it’s gonna be from here on out? […]


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