He Found Out About One Of The World's Biggest Problems. So At Age 5, He Decided To Help Fix It.

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When Joshua was 5 years old, he decided he wanted to feed the hungry. I find this pretty impressive, considering my 5-year-old wish was to become a dinosaur. Not only did Joshua set some pretty lofty goals for himself, but he actually set about achieving them. Years later, he’s still working on making as much […]


A Bunch Of Little Kids Talk About The Frightening Reality They Face Every Day. It Gets Real.

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Each one of the kids in the video below has something in common. And it’s a pretty darn upsetting something. But their experiences aren’t all that unusual: Roughly 1 in 5 children in America deals with this reality every day. Be sure to watch all the way through. It’s so worth it. ‘Cause despite the […]


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