Golf Assist Trick Shot

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Zachary Christman and Eric Angeles claim to have performed the unthinkable. In this short video published by 59 Player, the two perform what can only be called the coolest golf assist trick shot ever.  The first player softly passes the ball to the second, who then launches the ball before it could even hit the ground.  […]


Japanese Soccer Player Hits Wedding Cake Topper from a Free Kick (Video)

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Japanese soccer player Shunsuke Nakamura knocks bride and groom toppers off a moving wedding cake with an incredibly accurate free kick: That wasn’t the first time Nakamure demonstrated his free kick accuracy for a Japanese TV show: H/T: waatpies Read more:


Faceteam Performs Amazing Basketball Trick Shot Acrobatics

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Popular video director Devin Supertramp wisely chose Face Team to spot light in their latest video. The acrobatic sports team’s near superhuman moves–complimented with Devin’s videography skills and a dash of Higher–resulted in an eye pleasing viralviralvideo that has already collected over half a million views.    Read more:


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