German Grocery Store EDEKA Christmas Commercial About Lonely Grandpa Will Melt Your Heart

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Now, this week old commercial has gone viral with over 37 million views! Make sure the to hit the closed captioning ‘CC’ button for English.   Read more:


Imagine What The World Would've Looked Like If These Amazing People Had Not Been Assassinated

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Imagine a world without hate. These guys did, and it put a little lump in my throat. Share this, but only if you wish the world were like this too. And then maybe take a little time to Like the Anti-Defamation League. Read more:


The Next Time You Talk About Abortion, Make Sure You Know These Numbers

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It seems abortion is one of the most heated topics you can possibly find out there. But after you hear these stats, should it be? One of my biggest “ohhh reaaally” moments from this is at the number of women obtaining abortions who are already mothers doing their best to provide for the children they […]


Wow, This Really Happened: A Hot New Music Video From Kids In A Refugee Camp

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After spending a month volunteering in Kenya, my friend and I were inspired by the strength of the people we met and decided to make this music video starring young Sudanese refugees. Using just one camera, two light reflectors, and an iPhone, the community collaborated to sing “A Heavy Abacus” by Welsh indie rock band […]


Her Mom Wanted Her To Wear A Dress To Prom. Here's What She Wanted To Say But Couldn't.

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These two girls tell the story of childhood friends who share something even more special than memories — and remind us that we’re all so much more than meets the eye. Even if you don’t like spoken word, trust me: This performance is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Read more:


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