Toronto Maple Leafs’ Littlest Fan Adorably Fist-Bumps The Team Good Luck

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It is hockey season once again, and last night, some fans in Toronto were disappointed when the Toronto Maple Leafs lost their opening season game 4-3 to the Montreal Canadiens. But one little guy will always have faith in the team, no matter what. The Leafs posted this video, featuring the young fan wishing the players […]


Canadian Hockey Fans Sing American National Anthem After Mic Fails (Video)

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Oh, Canada stands on guard for us, too. That much was made clear on Tuesday night during the pre-game ceremony before the Nashville Predators faced off against the Toronto Maple Leafs at the Air Canada Centre. As singer Michelle Madeira sang the American national anthem for the visitors, the arena’s PA system malfunctioned. But, almost without […]


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