Dog and Deer Play Chase through Fence (Video)

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Zeke the Pitbull makes friends with a deer by playing chase through backyard fence in Georgetown, Texas. I first saw this on my own Facebook news feed 6 days ago, but the original upload had music and looked very choppy/sped-up. After I saw more news outlets covering the video today, I was happy to discover […]


Guess What Day It Is Dallas Mavericks Parody Gieco Commercial

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It’s easy to spot a Gieco commercial these days by their repeating gags and themes. One of their most popular ad series is their Happier Than commercial.   To kick off the NBA season, the Dallas Mavericks made this humorous spoof of Gieco’s Hump Day commercial featuring Dirk Nowitzki. The week old spoof already has over 950,000 hits! […]


Austin Texas Police Department Makes It Gets Better Video

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Two years ago, the It Gets Better campaign was kicked off by Dan Savage, and was followed by companies, leaders, celebrities, and even President Obama. The fad has slowly died off, as most do, but has recently surfaced again with a video coming from the last place you’d expect.  The Austin Texas police department.  The Lesbian & Gay […]


Dallas Hospital Confirms First Patient Diagnosed With Ebola In The US Has Died

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The Associated Press just released a tweet saying that Thomas Eric Duncan, the first person to be diagnosed with Ebola in the US, has died. The 42-year-old died four days after his condition was changed from serious to critical. Duncan received an experimental drug over the weekend called brincidofovir that hadn’t been tested on humans […]


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