‘Attraction’ Performs Shadow Dance On Britain’s Got Talent Semi-Finals

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In April, shadow dance group Attraction exploded online after debuting on Britain’s Got Talent. Already, the original piece has amassed over 17 million views.   The group has continued to move up in the competition, and has just put on their best performance of all at the semi-finals. Their newest dance tells the silent, yet […]


Guy On The Street Finger-Paints A Spectacular View In Just 9 Minutes

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Street painters like the man featured in this video clip get written off by many of us as simple tourist traps, to be avoided on your way to wherever you’re going. Sometimes that might be the case, but in this unnamed artist’s case, it’s not – they way he paints using just his hands and […]


These Two Sisters Just CRUSHED It. Wait For The 2:40 Mark… The Little One Is Unbelievable.

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Sisters Lennon and Maisy started singing songs in their bedroom and uploaded them to YouTube. Now, they have become wildly popular due to those YouTube videos, so much so that they are on the ABC series Nashville and have been invited to sing at the Grand Ole Opry a few times. In the video below they […]


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