World’s Cutest Taekwondo Fight (Video)

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Two little Chinese girls (apparently twin sisters) engage in the most adorable taekwondo fight you’ll see today… via Read more:


Hand Becomes Taekwondo Master

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Your hand may not seem like it can be dangerous, but just wait until you dress it up in a cute mini Taekwondo costume. Close up, Taekwondo Finger Guy is a real martial arts master. Instead of breaking slats of wood, Finger Guy tries to chop some wafers. The video is shared on MPViral.   […]


Taekwondo Match Turns Into Dance Battle

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Korean YouTuber 동훈 허 posted this hilarious martial arts video in February, but the clip is trending now more than ever after appearing on popular sites likes DailyPicks, PleatedJeans, and HuffPost.  What appears to be a children’s taekwondo match quickly turns into an incredibly entertaining dance battle to Yolanda Be Cool’s We No Speak Americano.   Read more:


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