Egg Roundhouse Kicked In Slow Motion

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To launch their new ‘Fighter VS Food’ series, NOC enlisted lightweight contender Anthony “Showtime” Pettis to star in the opening episode. They appropriately chose eggs as the food of choice, and recorded Anthony roundhouse kicking a dozen in super-glorious-slow-motion.    Read more:


Paint Explosions In Super Slow Motion

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Some video genres online never seem to get old. Besides for cats and pop music, super slow motion video is definitely a strong contender. British based The Slowmo Guys are some of the web‘s most popular slow motion videographers. Their latest slo-mo piece, Paint Explosions, proves their worth with dazzling imagery that competes with CGI.    Read more:


Creamer Poured Into Coffee In Super Slow Motion

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Ordinary, everyday things can be beautiful if looked at in a different perspective.  Pouring creamer into coffee may not seem that special, but when slowed down, art is formed.  Modernist Cuisine did just that by recording their coffee making at 2,000 frames per second. What resulted is simply gorgeous.     Read more:


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