Plane Power Sliding In The Snow (Video)

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Plane Power Sliding In The Snow (Video) This pilot wanted to show off and do few tricks with his plane. He landed in the snow and did a few donuts around the cameraman before taking off to the skies again. Video by Bobby Breeden via Facebook Read more:


Guy Wakeboards While Being Pulled By Super Rare Ferrari F50 (Video)

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Next time you’re bored, find a friend with a bright yellow Ferrari. You’d probably also want to be somewhat awesome at wakeboarding, otherwise things could end horribly for you. If you’re still not sure where a wakeboard, bravery and a classic Ferrari get you, take notes from Jorge Gill. The fearless 19-year-old suited up and […]


Low-Flying Plane Picks up Flags from Ground (Video)

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Cesar Falistocco, captain of the Argentina Aerobatic Squadron, uses his plane‘s wing to hoist the flags of Argentina and Chile. Crazy stuff! Video via Youtube search. Copy spotted here. Read more:


Tightrope Walking Between Two Moving Volvo Trucks Stunt

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To demonstrate the precision and control of their new FH Series, Volvo Trucks commisioned this daredevil stunt with world record-holding highliner Faith Dickey. The famous tightrope walker had to cross a wire from one moving truck to another, all before the trucks made it to an upcoming tunnel which would severe the rope. The new video now […]


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