Pool Guy Saves Drowning Squirrel’s Life With CPR

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The heartwarming story of a man who saved a drowning squirrel’s life by giving it CPR is capturing the attention of people around the world. Rick Gruber, a pool man from Phoenix, Arizona, found this little ground squirrel drowning in a pool he was working at. After fishing it out, he began giving it CPR […]


Artistic Squirrel Carves His Own Jack-O-Lantern

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It may have escaped everyones’ attention, but it should be noted. Squirrels. Totally. Dig. Pumpkins.  One little squirrel demonstrated his affinity for pumpkins after an unsuspecting gourd was left out in someone’s yard (with a hidden camera set up, of course).    (YouTube: richardmangan) The squirrel scampered down from his tree to inspect this new […]


Squirrel On The Field During Professional Soccer Game

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A Women’s Professional Soccer Championship game between the Western NY Flash and the Philadelphia Independence was interrupted by a crazed animals running all over the field. No, it wasn’t a fan from the stands, it was an adorable squirrel with a lot of extra energy.    Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2011/08/31/squirrel-on-the-field-during-professional-soccer-game/


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