South Park Perfectly Mocks Marvel Superhero Movies

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It’s crazy to when you think about it, but there are kids who don’t remember a Hollywood that didn’t constantlychurn out Marvel superheroes movies. In honor of their new video gameThe Fractured But Whole,South Parkperfectly pokes fun at the Marvel superhero movie formula in this commercial.   Read more:


‘South Park’ Destroys Racist Police Practices In Season Finale

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The latest episode of “South Park” didn’t only address the controversy surrounding Bill Cosby, it also tackled the seemingly racist tendencies of police officers across America. In the episode, a hologram of Tupac wandered into the South Park police station, and the police immediately became violent. They screamed, It’s a black guy. Choke him! Shoot […]


Hilarious ‘South Park’ Clip Proves Lorde Is Really An Autotuned 42-Year-Old Man

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Last night’s episode of “South Park” took on Lorde and the state of music production as a whole. And boy, did Trey and Matt skewer the music industry in this particular clip. Basically, Randy, with the help of a computer program and autotune, is able to make his terrible, off-key ditties sound just like Lorde […]


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