2014 iPhone Photography Award Winners Prove That Amazing Photos Can Be Taken Without An Expensive Camera

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With the advent of ever-improving smartphone camera technology, the digital SLR’s exclusive dominance in the world of quality photography is slowly crumbling. Smartphone users around the world are proving that a good photographer’s eye is far more important for taking a good photograph than your photographic hardware, so the IPPAWARDS (iPhone Photography Awards) were created […]


Short Film about Smart-Phone Addiction Is So True It’s Sad (Video)

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‘I Forgot My Phone’ is an excellent short film about modern life and smart-phone alienation. The film was directed by Miles Crawford and stars Charlene deGuzman who also wrote the script. via Gawker Read more: http://dailypicksandflicks.com/2013/08/23/short-film-about-smart-phone-addiction-is-so-true-its-sad-video/


OnePlus One Smartphone Is a Customizable Beast

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OnePlus One, a powerful smartphone with changeable covers, will start at $299 when it launches in Q2 2014. Image: OnePlus Tech startup OnePlus debuted its first smartphone called the One, combining a sleek and customizable appearance with some really powerful specifications. Launched under the company mantra, “never settle,” the OnePlus One sports a 5.5-inch, full […]


Will Samsung Smartphone Sales Be Banned in the U.S.? We Won’t Know Until Dec.

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A hearing that will give Apple the stage to argue if Samsung should be banned from selling some of its Android smartphones in the U.S. has been pushed back until December. Judge Lucy Koh, who has been presiding over the Apple vs. Samsung patent infringement case, has moved the hearing from Sept. 20 to Dec. […]


Genius Invention Will Cure Your Need To Have Your Phone In Your Hand At All Times

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If you can’t master the will to unclench your fingers from around your smartphone, you have a problem. The NoPhone is here to help. Creators of the NoPhone, currently accepting donations through a Kickstarter page, have proposed a 3D, tech-free phone surrogate. The shiny black rectangle is reminiscent of a sleek Android or iPhone, but […]


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