Animals Trying To Stay Awake Compilation (Video)

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There’s nothing cuter than animals falling asleep and trying to fight it… via Compilariz Read more:


Man Explains Why We Dream

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Dreams have always fascinated humans all the way to the stone age. In the Bible, dreams are often considered to contain important messages and/or prophecies. Only in the past century have scientists begun to just scratch the surface of what dreams really are, and how important it is for our brains to dream. VSauce gives us a great, […]


The Sleep Test

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Do you need an alarm clock to wake up? Do you need a couple coffees or energy drinks to get through the day? You may be sleep deprived. Richard Wiseman of In 59 Seconds has created this short sleep test for viewers to learn just how tired they are. Need more sleep? Check out these tips.  […]


25 Crazy Facts About Sleep

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Why do you sleep? Okay we know, it sounds like a pretty dumb question with a fairly obvious answer, but the truth is that scientists have not yet been able to fully figure it out. In fact, it probably should have been on our list of the 25 biggest mysteries of history. Over the last […]


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