Can We All Stop Pretending A Woman’s Vagina Stretches From Sex?

So I’m sure that we’ve all seen that not-so-nice mom’s tweet regarding Taylor Swift’s vagina by now. In case the rock you’re living under didn’t give you enough Wi-Fi to see the post when it first came out, here’s a little recap: The reason I preach #Christianity. My daughters represent the right. Taylor Swift’s vagina […]


Ex Responds To Guy That Said He Won’t Go Down On Girls Since He’s ‘Too Good At It’

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A few days ago, Will Lloyd wrote an article for But now, responding to the online controversy, Will’s ex-girlfriend Rhianna has written a piece for The Huffington Post, explaining that hisarticle maynot be strictly accurate. While Willclaims that he never went down on his first-girlfriend (Rhianna), explaining ‘Im not sure why I didnt but there […]


46 Incredibly Annoying Things People Do On Tinder

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I’M SWIPING LEFT, I’M YELLING TINDER!!! View this image › 1. Group shots. I’m sorry, which one are you?2. Being in a group shot, only for you to swipe to the next photo and they’re not the hot one.3. Gym pictures. We get it, you’re swoll.4. After matching, totally ignoring your messages forever.5. Or […]


University Student Caught Red Handed In Library

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We all know that finances can be tight as a student, but one woman at Newcastle University, Australia, used the resources available to her to make money in a whole different kind of way. The student in question was caught broadcasting live sex shows to pay per view channels whilst in the campus library. You […]


Amanda Bynes’s Claims Her Dad Tried To Have Sex With Her In Twitter Rant

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Our favorite hate-to-love celebrity Amanda Bynes has gone flying off the handle yet again. This time the topics of discussion are tabloids making her look ugly and her father, Rick, propositioning her for sex and having sexually abusive tendencies. Apparently her parents, Lynn and Rick, insist they are not in contact with their daughter and don’t even […]


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