Watch homeless people shatter stereotypes about those who live on the street.

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There are a few negative stereotypes that are often, and erroneously, associated with people who are homeless. These stereotypes aren’t always accurate and sometimes are even rarely so and, unsurprisingly, do further harm to the very people most in need of a hand up. So why do we keep telling ourselves these blanket overgeneralizations can […]


Non-Profit Turns Discarded Soda Bottles Into Thatch Roofing

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Reuse Everything Institute workers build a plastic thatch roof in Ecuador. Image: Flickr, Reuse Everything Institute Perhaps the iconic image of developing-world poverty is a small collection of huts with thatched roofs. Unfortunately for those living in such places, these roofs are terrible. They leak and, when water-logged, often collapse. The grasses used to fabricate them […]


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