Bird Flies Along With Highway Traffic

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Justin Jay posted this video of a man driving along on the highway at nearly 55 mph when he and his driver noticed what seemed to be a bird ahead of them. Upon further investigation it became clear that, yes, there was a pigeon flying along with highway traffic. Rude bird needs to learn to use […]


Pigeon Trying to Seduce a Woman (Video)

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A crazy pigeon tries to put his moves on a woman with a seductive dance… Video by Izzie. Spotted here. Read more:


Pigeon Spinning Like a Record

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The life of a pigeon is boring, but can be fun if the common birds just  look for it. Whenever they want, there are free pigeon merry-go-rounds spinning right round baby right round. This ridiculous video is shared on TastefullyOffensive and DailyPicksAndFlicks.    Read more:


Pigeon Treadmill

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This video is from March, but just had a small surge in traffic after being featured on JoeMonster and StuffIStole. A very sad pigeon walks against the direction of the banister of a treadmill and gets a really good workout.    Read more:


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