A relic from the past finds a new home in these 25 cassette art creations from Benoit Jammes. You won’t get over how cute these are!

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It’s hard to believe but there was once a time where cassette tapes where top notch music storage devices. But as technology has rapidly advanced, so has our detachment from this ancient apparatus (Ok, maybe not ancient but you get the point). However, graphic designer and artist Benoit Jammes has taken this truly nostalgic staple […]


25 Things Cats Do That Will Make You Believe They’re Humans

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If you are a cat person and have lived with cats or should I say you have been a slave to your furry friends for years, you will be able to relate to this post. Living with cats has a huge benefit on our health, they are great stress relievers and they make fantastic companions. […]


These 25 Moving Photographs Of The Human Spirit In The Midst Of Chaos Will Stir YourHeart With A Hunger For Peace

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Clash of ideas, Collision of thoughts, Outburst of opposing emotions; that’s what you normally experience in the midst of protests. Fighting the enforcing arm of the government and the police force, the masses struggle, enduring pain, hurt, and hunger to voice out what they think is right and just. The desire for greater peace and […]


25 Most Adorable Halloween Costumes For Babies

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From food, animals, fantasy creatures, cartoon characters and even a bag of money, these lovable bundles of joy found in our 25 most adorable Halloween costumes for babies list will relentlessly pull on your heartstrings and light your face up with a smile. Want more candy at Halloween? Take one of these cuddly cute bundles […]


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