Tiny Sculptures Carved Into The Tip Of A Pencil By Recep Alcamli

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Recep Alçamlı is a senior student of Chemical Engineering from Turkey who loves creating tiny carvings out of pencil graphite. When he has free time from his studies and his favorite hobby of cycling, Recep grabs his tools and sits down to carve tiny and highly detailed sculptures on the tips of pencils. Recep’s work […]


Stunning Crayon Pixel Art By Christian Faur

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Christian Faur is a Granville, Ohio based artist who uses hundreds of thousands of individual crayons to produce a single, pixelated image. “My earliest memories of making art involve the use of wax crayons. I can still remember the pleasure of opening a new box of crayons: the distinct smell of the wax, the beautifully […]


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