How Parasitic Worms Affect Reproduction

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Parasitic worms called helminths infect hundreds of millions of people around the world, and can impact both conception and pregnancy. According to a new Science study with Amazonian women, hookworm infections can decrease reproduction rate, whereas giant roundworm infections can increase it. In humans, helminths can directly infect the fetus or the genitals and other […]


Nasty Virus Makes Crickets Sterile, but Horny

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  Scientists have identified a sexually-transmitted virus that makes male and female crickets functionally sterile — then it encourages sexual encounters, and keeps them wanting more. Researchers call it a “viral aphrodisiac,” but really, IIV-6/CrIV is just plain messed up.    When their Gryllus texensis crickets stopped laying eggs, a Dalhousie University team led by Shelley Adamo used […]


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