Armed Militia Group Seizes Control Of Wildlife Refuge In Oregon

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An armed militia group took over a federal building in Burns, Oregon on Saturday night, following a massive protest against the impending incarceration of two local ranchers. The group, joined by Ammon Bundy, son of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, stormed the unoccupied Malheur Wildlife Refuge and seized control. The group claims itintends to stay on […]


Lion Tries To Eat Baby Through Glass Wall At Zoo

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Jpbsmama and the family were visiting the Portland, Oregon zoo when they went to see the lion exhibit. Baby Jack was just coincidentally wearing zebra stripes, and when he sat next to the glass, Kya the lioness went crazy trying to catch an unreachable dinner. The video is featured on HaveYouSeenThis, HyperVocal, and TheDailyWhat.    Read more:


The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Of This Year’s College Football Season

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Instagram Like all good things, college football season came to an end last night with Ohio State taking the championship with a 42-20 victory over Oregon. This season, each conference had its standout moments. Some universities met new heights and made history for their schools, while others were met with firing coaches, tough loses and […]


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