These 36 People Got Older, But Never Grew Up. They Are Seriously EPIC.

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Your age is just a number. Each of us will experience time’s passing, but that doesn’t mean we should get more depressed and surly as the years go on. In fact, just because you get older, it doesn’t mean you have to grow up. Aging with grace means accepting the things you cannot change. Maybe you’ll […]


Kevin Durant Gives Old Lady Sitting Courtside Kiss After She Is Hit By Deflected Pass

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Oklahoma City Thunders forward Kevin Durant is going viral, not for his athletic skills, but rather for being a gentleman on the court. After one of his passes to Thabo Sefolosha was a miss, the rogue throw hit a cute elderly lady sitting courtside. Kevin quickly gave the woman a kiss on the head as an apology.  Now, the NBA video has over 275,000 […]


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