17 Surprising Foods To Grill Before Summer Ends

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Get ready for some grill-tacular recipes. View this image › andreusK / Via Thinkstock 1. Banana Boats View this image › Joshua Bousel / Via seriouseats.com Learn how to stuff your bananas to improve the flavor. 2. Watermelon View this image › Joshua Bousel / Via seriouseats.com Get the juicy recipe here. 3. Donuts View […]


Baby Octopus Walking On Hand

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Video of an octopus walking around on the wet marsh went viral a few weeks ago, but maybe it’s not such a special event. Here, an adorably tiny baby octopus is picked up by a nature enthusiast who lets the little guy crawl around like a hamster. So cute and gross at the same time.  […]


Giant Flame Throwing Octopus At Burning Man

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This giant Steampunk Octopus, or El Pulpo Mechanico, was one of the crazy inventions from the Burning Man festival this year. The enormous contraption is reminiscent of early 20th century sci-fi flicks, with it’s all metal body, jerky movement, and numerous flame throwers. The video is featured on YouTubeTrends.    Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2011/09/07/giant-flame-throwing-octopus-at-burning-man/


Robotic Octopus Created


Rather than reinventing the wheel, or perhaps the leg, robotics engineers have sought to copy the modes of transportation seen in the animal kingdom. Now to add to robotic dogs, fish and ants, we have a robot that moves like an octopus. Cephalopods, including octopodes, have developed multiple ways of getting around. Their tentacles can be used to both swim […]


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