South Park Perfectly Mocks Marvel Superhero Movies

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It’s crazy to when you think about it, but there are kids who don’t remember a Hollywood that didn’t constantlychurn out Marvel superheroes movies. In honor of their new video gameThe Fractured But Whole,South Parkperfectly pokes fun at the Marvel superhero movie formula in this commercial.   Read more:


Craigslist Joe Trailer

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In just the past 20 years, the Internet has gone from the fringes of nerd society to obnoxious ‘Like us on Facebook!’ comments popping up on Walmart receipts. But many see all this technology as a distraction instead of a tool. To test that belief, Joseph Garner figuratively dove into America with nothing but his laptop and the […]


Chinese Moving Carriage Illusion (Video)

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Behind the scenes of a low-budget Chinese(?) movie, things take an unexpected turn… Original upload unknown. Spotted here Read more:


Why "The Fault In Our Stars" Is Better On The Page Than On The Screen

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Hollywood has nothing on the original book when it comes to telling stories that aren’t just sad for the sake of being sad. The long-awaited movie version of John Green’s hit YA novel arrives in theaters this Friday. (Spoilers, if you haven’t read the book.) View this image › Ansel Elgort and Shailene Woodley in […]


Low Budget Version Of The Avengers

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The Avengers is the climactic finale of multiple feature film adaptations of Marvel superheros all jammed packed into one very high budget movie.  Special effects are cool and all, but what would the Avengers movie look like without the backing of millions of dollars?  Table8Productions gave it a shot, and ended up with this trailer for Marvel’s […]


Hotel Transylvania Trailer

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Sony Pictures brings us their latest CGI animated feature film, Hotel Transylvania. Famous voices, such as Adam Sandler, Selena Gomez, Andy Samberg, Kevin James, and more, star in the new 3D cartoon coming to theaters soon.    Read more:


Dog Jumps For Santa (Video)

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Daisy the dog starts jumping like crazy when she sees Santa on TV. via Read more:


Cookie Monster Batman

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This week old Dark Knight parody by utubelor has already garnered nearly one million views. By simply replacing the voice for Batman during a conversation with Commissioner Gordon with Cookie Monster, comedy gold is born.  The viral video is featured on Inquisitir, Vulture, GeekoSystem, HuffPost, and NBCNews.   Read more:


Where’s Waldo The Movie Mock Trailer

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NSFW – content JouleTheif brings us this mock trailer for a Where’s Waldo suspense-action thriller movie that is featured on LaughingSquid and TheHighDef. The real Waldo movie was announced in November, but this fake trailer looks better than the real one ever could be.    Read more:


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