Baboon Interrupts Golf Tournament in South Africa (Video)

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A wild baboon chases golf player Luke Donald off his shot at the Nedbank Golf Challenge in South Africa. via FTW Read more:


Chimp Builds Fire And Toasts Marshmallows

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To promote their Monkey Planet series, the BBC published this eye-opening clip on YouTube. Incredibly, a smarter than the average Bonobo demonstrates how to build a fire using matches. Of course, he’s been taught how, but it’s impressive nonetheless.  What does a monkey do after building a campfire? Why, the same thing any Homo-sapien would. Roast marshmallows, […]


Russian Bungee Jumper Screams Like Monkey

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This Russian bungee jumper understandably looks nervous before his jump.  But it is his hilarious reaction that has launched the helmet camera video into the viral sphere. After a suspenseful minute of waiting, he finally jumps, and shrieks and screams just like a monkey.  Since debuting on Saturday, the video, published by Grigory Razlutskiy, has already garnered over […]


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