US Air Force Girl Gets Tased and Grabs a Handful (Video)

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A US Air Force girl had to get tased as part of her training. You could say she had her hands full. Original video found via Youtube search. A copy spotted here and here. Read more:


US Marines Call Me Maybe Music Video

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Yet another Carly Rae Jepsen music video spoof has gone viral, courtesy of ABCNews, this time by US military personnel. While on down time in Afghanistan, U.S. Marines like to relax like every other American this summer. By making a Call Me Maybe dance video.   Read more:


Marines Watching And Singing ‘Let It Go’ Will Make You Smile

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We all have a Disney princess inside of us. Even the tough Marines do. Though the hype over Disney’s smash hit Frozen has ended online for the most part, many troops serving didn’t have the chance to see the animated film in theaters. Now that the movie has hit DVDs, even the Marines are getting their Let It […]


I’m Starting To Think About My Tax Return, And This Guy Makes A Ton Of Sense

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Most of us don’t have the option to NOT pay federal income tax (well, we do, but eventually at a huge financial and personal cost) but what this bishop has to say is spot-on — that is, why is our tax money going to fund wars and the military-industrial complex when we’ve got people starving […]


An Actor You Know And Probably Love Literally Reads Aloud From A Historian's Book, And It's Riveting

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Howard Zinn’s writing + Viggo Mortensen’s voice = history nerd heaven for me. If you’re pretty sick of war, I think you’ll find this a worthwhile viewing. Read more:


Grasket App Helps Deployed Troops Share Wish Lists With Loved Ones Overseas

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A new online app aims to help deployed troops send wish lists to friends and family overseas. Grasket describes itself as a “modern-day care package creation tool.” Targeted to deployed soldiers, sailors and airmen, users sign up for the service with their military-linked Facebook accounts or email addresses. They then place items that are sold […]


Harrier Jet Pilot Executes Perfect Landing With No Landing Gear

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Landing a Harrier jet perfectly on an aircraft carrier is difficult enough, but U.S. Marine Corps Capt. William Mahoney had to do it with no nose land gear. Immediately after takeoff, Mahoney realized he had a gear malfunction. Thankfully, the carrier had a special stool for situations just like this one. Even though he had zero visibility, he […]


Sick Of Hearing About The 1%? Meet The Half of 1% Of Americans We SHOULD Be Talking About

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Remember the wars? (Yeah, those.) In case you’d forgotten, there are still fine U.S. servicemembers overseas getting shot at. And they’re returning home to issues like crazy-high unemployment, traumatic brain injuries, PTSD, and shocking suicide rates. This guy wants to help them. Maybe you do, too? Read more:


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