Microsoft Co-Founder’s Yacht Destroys Coral Reef In The Carribean

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  A $162 million (114 million) yacht belonging to Microsofts co-founder and outspoken environmentalist, Paul Allen, has ripped up 1,300 square meters (14,000 square feet) of coral reef. The monumental mess-up happened in the West Bay replenishment zone of the Cayman Islands on Thursday, January 14. The yacht’s anchor chain dragged along the reef behind […]


Internet Explorer 10 Ad Is Brutally Honest

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Think Internet Explorer sucks? You’re not alone, and yes, Microsoft is painfully aware of its home-grown web browser’s reputation, as this new ad makes clear. Simply titled “Do you know this guy?” the video shows a typical basement dweller prolifically sending comments and @replies left and right, proclaiming that “IE sucks” over and over, occasionally […]


So What if Oprah Used an iPad to Tweet About Microsoft Surface?

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Oprah Winfrey recently gave Microsoft’s Surface her seal of approval when the gadget made her annual “Favorite Things” list. Oprah has been using Twitter and hashtag #FavoriteThings to endorse the Surface. On Monday, however, criticism began bubbling up on blogs and social sites because it appears Oprah is typing her tweets on Apple’s iPad (see […]


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