Baby Falls Asleep While Dad Plays Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters On Guitar Lullaby

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This older video published by Topcon83 in 2010 has suddenly gone viral again now, and is covered on HyperVocal, Buzzfeed, and 22Words. Dad playing Metallica’s classic Nothing Else Matters on acoustic guitar softly puts his baby son to sleep who helps by humming along as lead singer. Who knew hard rock could be such a powerful lullaby? […]


Virginia Tech Fans Go Crazy When Enter Sandman Is Played Before Last Play Against Miami

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Virginia Tech was up by three against Miami, 38 to 35, with just seconds left in the game. Miami had just one chance, one opportunity to take the game away from VT. Virginia fans were pumped up, but when Metallica’s Enter Sandman started to play, they went wild. Could their enthusiasm help win the game?   Read more:


Enter Sandman Bluegrass Cover

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Iron Horse Bluegrass published this fantastic cover of the Metallica rock sensation Enter Sandman in January, but the music video has recently resurfaced online. The over covered song seems to find new life in such an obscure branch of music.    Read more:


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