United State of Pop 2013 by DJ Earworm (Video)

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DJ Earworm’s annual pop music mashup is here. The 2013 edition of ‘United State of Pop’ is titled ‘Living the Fantasy’ and like every year it’s composed of Billboard’s top 25 tracks in the United States. You can buy it here. via Read more: http://dailypicksandflicks.com/2013/12/03/united-state-of-pop-2013-by-dj-earworm-video/


Orchestra Adds Classy Flair to Your Favorite Cartoon Theme Songs

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Grab a bowl of sugary cereal, because this jam session is sure to bring you back to Saturday mornings in front the TV. Carnegie Hall’s Ensemble ACJW decided to have a little fun with everyone’s favorite childhood cartoons. Inspired by Dexter’s Laboratory, Captain Planet and others, the group combined 43 different theme songs in rapid […]


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