Aziz Ansari On Marriage

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In this hilarious excerpt from his new Netflix stand up comedy special Buried Alive debuting on November 1st, Aziz Ansari explains how marriage is actually “an insane proposal.” If the union wasn’t already a standard part of society, the proposal would seem quite extreme.  “You know how we’ve been hanging out together all the time, I want […]


Former Escort Who’s Been With Over 10,000 Men Is Now Looking For Love

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It’s widely advised not to get married until experiencing all the single life has to offer. Australia’s Gwyneth Montenegro has slept with 10,091 men, and is finally ready for Mr. Right. The 36-year-old was paid $500 to $1,000 an hour to sleep with powerful men of various fields during her 12 years as an escort, spending tens […]


Man Surprises Fiancée With A Wedding So She Doesn’t Have To Plan One (Video)

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It’s no secret that planning a wedding can be a massive headache, not to mention a serious financial drain. One bride-to-be, Christina McGinnis, knew this reality all too well. She’d been engaged to her boyfriend, Brian Green, since 2013 but couldn’t bring herself to actually go through with planning the nuptials. According to Green, the […]


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