John Oliver On Scottish Independence

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Later this week, Scots will be voting on one of their most important pieces of legislation in years. Voters will be deciding if Scotland should secede from the United Kingdom. Most Americans aren’t that familiar with England, Scotland, and the UK, so British late night host John Oliver has stepped up to explain the entire situation in […]


Watch John Oliver’s passionate audition for ’50 Shades of Grey’

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Many have complained that the stars of 50 Shades of Grey seem to have no chemistry, but no one is more outraged than John Oliver. Last year, the Last Week Tonight host encourage viewers to use the #NotMyChristian hashtag to protest the choice of Jamie Dornan for the role of Christian Grey; he believes that […]


John Oliver On Dr. Oz And Nutritional Supplements

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The nutritional supplements industry is booming. But what most people don’t realize is that unless you are seriously malnourished, supplements don’t help at all. Actually, if they are contaminated they can cause serious harm. One of the greatest marketers of supplements is ‘Dr.’ Oz.  Since the doctor was recently subpoenaed to congress, John Oliver was inspired to […]


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