170 Foot Long Trampoline in the Woods of Russia

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One of the best things in summer are the music and art festivals, ranging from a couple-night affairs with local bands to something as massive as the Burning Man. A smaller Russian version of it, called the Archstoyanie festival, among all other installations presented a 170 ft long trampoline. The massive Fast Track trampoline was […]


Mind-Bending Illusion Makes A Pile Of Trash Look Like A Portrait

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What may look like a portrait of a man at first glance, is actually a pile of trash precisely put together to deceive the viewer. Bernard Pras is the artist who used forced perspective to create this impressive optical illusion. The portrait made out of everyday objects depicts Ferdinand Cheval, a French postman, who’s well-known […]


Massive Optical Illusion Made of Recycled Objects

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You may think you’re looking at a bizarre painting, but look closer, and you’ll realize that it’s actually an anamorphic 3D sculpture. The massive portrait of Malian actor Sotigui Kouyaté is the latest work of French artist Bernard Pras. It was created entirely out of recycled materials such as clothes and rags, wood, glass lanterns, […]


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