Refugees arriving in Scotland will get this front page greeting.

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Immediately following the horrific terrorist attacks in Paris, refugees from Syria were thrown into the spotlight. And, in many ways, unfairly so. Speculation began swirling that those involved in the Nov. 13, 2015, attacks had crossed into France amongst the wave of Syrian refugees escaping conflict. This line of thinking prompted harsh anti-refugee rhetoric across […]


He Found Out About One Of The World's Biggest Problems. So At Age 5, He Decided To Help Fix It.

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When Joshua was 5 years old, he decided he wanted to feed the hungry. I find this pretty impressive, considering my 5-year-old wish was to become a dinosaur. Not only did Joshua set some pretty lofty goals for himself, but he actually set about achieving them. Years later, he’s still working on making as much […]


She Was Raised To Believe Women Are Worthless. You Should See What Changed Her Mind.

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We’re trained to think about our basic privileges as having things like food, clean water, and a home. And then there are basic privileges we don’t talk about, stuff that’s so taken for granted we can’t even imagine what it’s like not to have. Here’s one of those. Read more:


These Two Women Have Been BFFs For Almost 100 Years. You Won’t Believe How Funny They Are.

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Irene and Alice are both 100 years old and they’ve been best friends since they were 6. WOW, now this friendship definitely withstood the test of time. What’s even more amazing is how hilariously youthful they are.. which is quite infectious and can’t help but make you smile. Share their awesome story by clicking below. […]


The 14 Stunning Photographs Of Couples In Love

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When you think of iconic romance, what image do you get? Photographer Braden Summers thought only of straight couples when he pictured iconic romance. So he decided to help change that lack of representation by photographing gay couples from around the world embracing their love. (Note: Some are real couples and some are models.) Braden […]


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