Yet Another Reason To Burn Australia…The Mole Cricket

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Australia is well-known as the land of venomous and/or deadly creepy crawlies. However, there are plenty of reptiles and insects in the land down under that aren’t deadly, but are still plenty creepy. One of the more interesting creatures in this category is the non-life-threatening, but still all-around freaky, mole cricket. Kinda cute, right? Reddit […]


Huge Wasp Nest On Window Is Terrifying

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Many people are scared of bees, but at least those buzzing insects have a sweet side, pollinating our plants and making sweet, sticky honey. Wasps on the other hands are pure evil. Unlike bees which can only sting once, they can sting you as many times as they want. So when Vang Tsal found a giant wasp nest on […]


The Mosquito Explained Animation

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The mosquito is no doubt one of the most annoying and hated insects across the world. The buzzing, the biting, it’s infuriating!  Rose Eveleth explains in this animation by TED-Ed how the mosquito has co-evolved with us over the centuries, and how scientists aren’t sure if it would be wise to rid the world of the pesky blood […]


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