Illustrator Creates Doodles That Interact With Their Surroundings

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French art director and illustrator Troqman has an impressive sense of humor. He creates scrapbook doodles and places them strategically among their surroundings to create new layers of meaning. You can check him out on Instagram, where you can see the Amsterdam-based creative have a riot with his brilliant body of work. All pretty cinematic […]


Solar Drawings Made with a Magnifying Glass

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Artist Jordan Mang-Osan harnesses the power of the sun with a magnifying glass to create his wood-burned works of art. The award-winning artist from the Philippines also paints and you can see much more of his work on Facebook and Fine Art America where original paintings can be purchased. 1. Artwork by JORDAN MANG-OSAN Facebook […]


Artist Designs Glow in the Dark Harry Potter Books with Pop-Up Illustrations

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Art student Kincső Nagy designed an amazing glow in the dark version of the Harry Potter books, complete with interactive illustrations throughout. The Hungarian designer created simple covers for each book in the series, and the laser-cut illustrations come to life once the lights go out. Inside, readers will find illustrations that pop-up, fold out […]


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