German Grocery Store EDEKA Christmas Commercial About Lonely Grandpa Will Melt Your Heart

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Now, this week old commercial has gone viral with over 37 million views! Make sure the to hit the closed captioning ‘CC’ button for English.   Read more:


Best Grandson Ever Gives 92-Year-Old Grandpa The Car He Always Wanted (Video)

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There is no better way to start off the new year than to kick back and check out a heartwarming YouTube video. They get you every single time! In a recent video uploaded to YouTube by Bimmer Blog, a blog and video channel dedicated to BMWs, we’re introduced to Shawn Molnar and his 92-year-old grandfather. About 45 […]


US Airman Surprises Grandpa

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Adam wanted to surprise his family after serving in the Air Force for over a year. He nonchalantly walked up to his grandfather at a family picnic, and grandpa was blown away. Adam just says, ‘sup grandpa,’ and grandpa casually says, ‘hey,’ back before realizing it’s his grandson back from the Air Force. The he freaks […]


Bereaved Grandpa Receiving A Puppy Will Make You Smile

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Davy Vanhaesendonck‘s grandmother just recently passed. The whole family was of course crushed, but his grandfather was obviously the most heartbroken. To cheer up grandpa, the family picked out a new born baby puppy dog to give him as a surprise. Yep, a puppy can make anyone happy. Simply precious!   Read more:


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