Golf Assist Trick Shot

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Zachary Christman and Eric Angeles claim to have performed the unthinkable. In this short video published by 59 Player, the two perform what can only be called the coolest golf assist trick shot ever.  The first player softly passes the ball to the second, who then launches the ball before it could even hit the ground.  […]


Baboon Interrupts Golf Tournament in South Africa (Video)

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A wild baboon chases golf player Luke Donald off his shot at the Nedbank Golf Challenge in South Africa. via FTW Read more:


Black Swans Attack on Golfer Turned into British Game of Thrones Ad (Video)

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Two black swans charged at a golfer at the Grimsby Golf Club in England and Blinkbox, a UK-based video-on-demand service, turned them into dragons for their Game of Thrones ad. Scroll to watch both videos below: Original golf swan attack Game of Thrones dragon TV ad via Read more:


Spectator Shouts Mashed Potatoes After Tiger Woods Shot

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As a spectator of most sports, fans are encouraged to scream, cheer, and shout at the game. Two exceptions would be tennis and golf. Especially at golf games, spectators are expected to stay almost completely silent. So when one spectator at this past weekend’s Chevron World Challenge screamed, “mashed potatoes!!” after Tiger Woods took a shot, […]


Animal Encounters On The PGA Tour

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Golf is a serious game that requires complete peace and quiet. But there’s not much you can do when animals take over the green while playing. The PGA Tour put together this hilarious compilation of the top ten animal incidents over the past season.    Via TastefullyOffensive.  Read more:


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