German Grocery Store EDEKA Christmas Commercial About Lonely Grandpa Will Melt Your Heart

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Now, this week old commercial has gone viral with over 37 million views! Make sure the to hit the closed captioning ‘CC’ button for English.   Read more:


German Guy Doesn’t Understand ‘The Proof Is In The Pudding’

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“The proof is in the pudding.” We’ve all heard this saying before, but what does it actually mean. To German blogger Djflula, it doesn’t mean anything really. If you had a great scientific proof, why would you put it in pudding? Now it’s ruined. Just put the proof on the table.    Read more:


German Guy Doesn’t Understand ‘Catch A Tiger By Its Toe’ Song

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Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, catch a tiger by the toe. Everyone know this simple rhyme, but to a foreigner learning about America, it may be disconcerting. Americans teach their children to chase after tigers? What a mean thing to do. The tiger will rip your face off!   Read more:


Disabled Dogs In Wheelcarts Play In Field

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Disabled dogs are just like every other dog. They love to frolic, run around, and play catch. This video by German YouTuber Gritta Goetz has instantly gone viral. The viral clip features a group of disabled dogs in their wheelchairs, or wheelcarts really, playing with a stick in a field. Oh joy!   Read more:


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