Kazakh Military Orchestra Performs Gangnam Style (Video)

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Kazakh Military Orchestra Performs Gangnam Style (Video) Members of Kazakh military orchestra play and dance to PSY’s Gangnam Style at the annual military expo in Astana. Things start to heat up around the 0:40 mark and culminate around 1:10 in the video… via Read more: http://dailypicksandflicks.com/2015/01/05/kazakh-military-orchestra-performs-gangnam-style-video/


Gangnam Style Flipbook

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Etoilec1 is a flip book master. He creates short video clips by drawing each frame on a piece of a paper in the flip book, and then running through the book in front of the camera.  He has gone viral after his near perfect recreation of the world famous Gangnam Style music video has started to spread across […]


SHARK JUMPED: ‘Glee’ Covers Gangnam Style

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Picking up considerable virility on the Internet is this segment of Glee, latching onto “Gangnam Style,” the biggest hit YouTube has ever known. On Glee’s week-late “Thanksgiving” show, this hyper-produced version of “Gangnam Style” happened, with lots of well-tuned singing and wooden dancing. Ouch. Does this mean “Gangnam Style” has run its course? Has the […]


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