Diver Befriends Eel

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This nature video was published by Central Florida Aquarium Society in the summer, but the clip has only gone viral now. Diver Valerie Taylor explains how over years of diving she recognized and finally befriended a Spotted Moray Eel. Naturally, viewers are jealous as they want an eel friend.    Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2014/09/14/diver-befriends-eel/


Dog and Deer Play Chase through Fence (Video)

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Zeke the Pitbull makes friends with a deer by playing chase through backyard fence in Georgetown, Texas. I first saw this on my own Facebook news feed 6 days ago, but the original upload had music and looked very choppy/sped-up. After I saw more news outlets covering the video today, I was happy to discover […]


Jen Aniston Reminds Us She Had A Bare-Butt Magazine Cover Before Kim K

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Kim Kardashian attempted to break the Internet with her butt-baring Paper magazine cover. But, this sort of thing isn’t exactly original. In fact, Jennifer Aniston had a bootylicious magazine cover of her own back in 1996. Aniston was on the cover of Rolling Stone and exposed some of her behind for the whole world to see. […]


Helpful Bird Feeds Two Hungry Great Danes Some Tasty Milk-Bones. What A Friend!

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We all know that dogs are man’s best friend. But did you know that birds are dog’s best friend? Don’t believe me? Well then prepare to be amazed as you watch Spike the Umbrella Cockatoo feed his two best buddies some Milk-Bones, by fishing them right out of the box and throwing them onto the […]


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