The Fourth Of July With Cats

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Since it’s the Fourth of July, it only seems appropriate to have America together with cats. This is the Internet after all, cats are not optional. The Furball Kitty Cats  celebrate the 4th of July by checking out the red, white, and blue backyard decorations and listening to America The Beautiful. But once the fireworks start, they’re running to […]


Simi Valley Fireworks Accident Injures 28 People (Video)

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An accident during a Fourth of July fireworks display in a Simi Valley park in South California injured at least 28 people. Police are still investigating what caused the explosion, but early reports indicate that a wood platform holding the fireworks tipped over, sending the pyrotechnics into the crowd. The whole mishap was caught on […]


Fireworks Fail Compilation (Video)

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Happy 4th of July! Be safe out there and don’t do stupid things like people in this video: via Blame It On The Voices Read more:


Watch What Happens When This Man Confronts Two Beach Thieves Stealing His Stuff. Justice Is Served, LOL!

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Last weekend a man caught a couple of unlikely thieves trying to make off with his family’s beach stuff. So he did what any true American would do on the Fourth of July, he confronted them and caught the whole thing on video. The result is true viral gold. According to an interview with the man, […]


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