No Matter What You Do, You’ll Never Be As Dumb As These People. LOL, Hilarious.

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The perfect crime: easy to pull off in a movie, less so in real life. Just ask Martha Stewart. But that didn’t stop these dummies from giving it there, uh, best attempt. Too bad their best is just a little…underwhelming. I seriously can’t stop laughing. How did they actually think this stuff would work?? EDIT eBaum’s World eBaum’s […]


Did You Actually Grow Up In The ’90s?


This is the only way to prove you were born then. Birth certificates are garbage. Your parents’ words are useless. Don’t show me your driver’s license. This is the only way. Check all that you remember! Via ✓ ORANGE TAPES Via ✓ See-through phones Via ✓ The joy of walking into gym […]


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