No One Knew What This Unknown Woman Did Until She Died. And Now No One Will Ever Forget It.

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The simple poem below was written by an unknown woman but has now been brought to life through the art of a Chinese cartoonist. All that’s really known about the poem is the title; “But You Didn’t”, it’s a real tear jerker of a story. Check out the poem and cartoon here below: That hit […]


Fashion Design Course- Learn Fashion Design- Fashion Design Books- Become a Fashion Designer

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Getting Started In The Fashion Industry Can Be Hard work- So Im Going to Let You in On the Professional Secrets to Getting The Killer Job You Have Always Wanted! It doesn’t matter how old you are: 14 or 40 years old- it’s never to early or too late to start your fashion designing career! […]


Solar Drawings Made with a Magnifying Glass

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Artist Jordan Mang-Osan harnesses the power of the sun with a magnifying glass to create his wood-burned works of art. The award-winning artist from the Philippines also paints and you can see much more of his work on Facebook and Fine Art America where original paintings can be purchased. 1. Artwork by JORDAN MANG-OSAN Facebook […]


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