Think You Know What A Supermodel Looks Like? Think Again.

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Even those of us who complain regularly about the lack of diversity in the fashion industry could use a reminder that diversity isn’t only about color or size. How refreshing would it be to see these models staring back at you from billboards and magazine covers every now and then? Read more:


It's A Bird! It's A Plane! It's … It's … It's So Adorable I Might Start Crying.

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If you’ve ever put a towel around your shoulders, you’ll know how badass wearing a cape makes you feel. One woman is using that super-duper I’m-wearing-a-cape-feeling to empower kids with childhood diseases by allowing them to see the superhero inside themselves. There are over 500 Tiny Superheroes and counting, and contributing to the campaign both […]


The Last Ice Bucket Challenge You Need To See — And You Really Should See It

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Sometimes we forget why we are doing things. Take dumping cold buckets of water on our heads, for example. You’ve probably seen a lot of videos of your friends doing it this week. Well, here’s a really important reminder of the reason we’re doing it. Next week the Internet will get back to its regularly […]


It Broke Her Heart Seeing Her Daughter's Facebook Page, Asking For Someone To Please Be Her Friend

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This young woman is now using her story in the most positive way possible. Both mom and daughter speak publicly in schools and other venues so that other young people won’t make the same tragic mistake. She’s making a difference. Read more:


‘Blade Runner’ Makes Olympics History With Carbon-Fiber Legs

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Oscar Pistorius, a member of South Africa’s national track and field team, will make Olympics history as the first athlete to compete with a prosthetic limb. The sprinter will compete in the 400-meter race Saturday, using two high-performance carbon fiber artificial legs. Many people have questioned whether Pistorius, known as “Blade Runner” because of his […]


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