Artist Tattoos Celebrities In Photoshop

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Would it change your opinion of tattoos if you found out that your favorite movie star or actor was covered in them? Seattle-based artist Cheyenne Randall (whom we wrote about previously here) explores this questions with his digitally-altered photos, which portray actors, musicians, and other famous figures past and present covered nearly head to toe […]


Slittens: Kittens And Sloths Together At Last

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The genius mad scientist behind the SLITTENS Tumblr has managed to tap into an artery of bizarre Internet cuteness that we never even knew existed. People love both kittens and sloths, so this Tumblr blogger decided to give us the best of both worlds by digitally combining them into “slittens.” The cherry on top is […]


Artist Designs Glow in the Dark Harry Potter Books with Pop-Up Illustrations

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Art student Kincső Nagy designed an amazing glow in the dark version of the Harry Potter books, complete with interactive illustrations throughout. The Hungarian designer created simple covers for each book in the series, and the laser-cut illustrations come to life once the lights go out. Inside, readers will find illustrations that pop-up, fold out […]


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